Paint by numbers kits

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Paint by numbers (PBN for short) is a creative activity where you paint pre-drawn pictures based on a number-by-number guide. Paint-by-number kits include the necessary paints, brushes and canvas, so you can just focus on painting.

Each kit contains everything you might need: the painting canvas, all necessary paints, a 3-piece brush set (small, medium and large), and a guide via email.

Try our paint by numbers kits and discover the world of painting from a completely new perspective. Paint-by-number kits are the perfect gift, surprise yourself or your loved ones, order now and enjoy the joy of painting!

What exactly is paint by numbers?

Imagine a pre-drawn picture that has been divided into many, many (and even more) small fields. A number is shown in the parts delimited by lines, which must be filled in with the paint marked with the same number.


How long does it take to finish one?

Paint-by-numbers is a similarly time-consuming and precision-demanding task as doing a larger puzzle, but unlike a jigsaw puzzle, you don't have to think, just follow the instructions and immerse yourself in the joy of painting.

Finishing a 40x50 cm PBN can take hours, but thanks the the "flow experience", you'll enjoy every minute of it. And just like with a puzzle, you don't have to do everything at once: if you set aside an hour or two every afternoon for meditative work, the picture will come together sooner or later.


Számfestő készlet: festékek és ecsetek


Tips for PBNs.

In our experience, it is worth starting the painting by filling in the larger surfaces and thus progressing towards smaller and smaller ones. This is good not only because the progress will be more noticable, but also because it will be easier to fiddle with the smaller fields later.

And if you're frowning and worried about whether the line police will show up if you run out of pattern, we've got you covered. There is no line police, but if there were, it would rather support less precise painting, since the image is especially good if the colors are artistically blurred instead of sharp contours.


What does a PBN kit contain?

The canvas will be sent to you already stretched, and the package also contains all the paints (you will receive the environmentally friendly acrylic paint in numbered jars, in the required quantity), the 3-piece brush set (small, medium and large), 2 wall hangers and a sample image.

If you also want a professional easel for painting, be sure to let us know when ordering (the stand has a separate fee), and we will send it to you together with the rest of the package! In addition to all this, you may also need a few sheets of paper towels, or perhaps a rag to soak up the excess from the brushes.